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Instantly cinematic and completely authentic...
—Hank Phillippi Ryan on Pacific Homicide
Crackling with wit and suspense...
—Bonnie MacBird on Pacific Homicide
Los Angeles comes vibrantly alive...
Romantic Times on Short Change
...snappy prose, a compelling heroine, and a healthy dose of suspense..
Booklist on Cover Your Assets
a breezy, good-humored voice that's tremendously enjoyable.
Baltimore Sun on Cover Your Assets
Smiley's feisty heroine boosts the bottom line.
Entertainment Weekly on False Profits
...lots of action and just enough heart.
Kirkus on Outside the Wire

The Pacific Homicide Series


Pacific Homicide

Book 1

Now available from Midnight Ink

"...Smiley kicks off a hard-boiled series with a bang in this fast-paced novel that sweeps readers along quickly. Davie is an engaging sleuth; her tough exterior hides a fragile heart..."
   —Library Journal

Most cops spend their entire careers without firing a weapon in the line of duty. LAPD Homicide Detective Davie Richards is an outlier, a cop who killed a suspect to save her partner's life. While she waits for the police commission to rule her shooting was within policy, she's called out to probe a gruesome homicide. With her own case in limbo, Davie knows that any mistakes in the investigation could end her career.

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Outside the Wire


Book 2

Coming this November from Midnight Ink

"...Smiley's second LAPD entry moves the plot as deftly as she moves the reader, with lots of action and just enough heart."

LAPD Homicide Detective Davie Richards is called to an airport parking garage in the dark hours before sunrise to investigate the shooting of a retired U.S. Army Ranger. Missing personal items appear to point to a robbery, but Davie suspects a more sinister motive when she notices only one military dog tag around the ranger's neck. Could the murderer have taken the other as a memento of the kill?

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False Profits Cover Your Assets Short Change Cool Cache

"Smiley's prose is like butter, and she depicts her major and minor characters with a keen eye for the telling detail...
while the plot hums along like Tucker in her snazzy Porsche Boxster. These elements plus a rich melange
of supporting characters make for an amusing and satisfying read."
   —Paula Woods, The Washington Post

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