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Los Angeles Times Bestseller!

For business consultant Tucker Sinclair, life is great, but that's about to change. She has a few problems and more on the way. She's divorced but frankly that's only the tip of the relationship-failure iceberg. Her friend and co-worker Venus Corday offers fix-it advice, most of it bad, which is no surprise. Most of Venus's own dates end up as freeway pileups.

And then there's Tucker's mother, Pookie Kravitz, a working actor who's not always working. She's moved in with Tucker—temporarily, or so she claimed three months ago—and she's brought along Muldoon, her needy West Highland white terrier who's turning out to be just one more male with serious emotional baggage in Tucker's life.

Things aren't going that well at work, either. She's finally up for a partnership at a prestigious downtown Los Angeles management consulting firm, but behind the scenes, certain powerful people believe she's climbed too far up the corporate ladder, and they vow to use any means necessary—even murder—to bring her down.

To survive warfare in the corporate jungle, Tucker will need more in her arsenal than a prissy white blouse and a pinstriped suit.

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"It's hard to believe that this clever and engaging adventure is Smiley's first novel; it reads like the latest in a well-established series."
   —Booklist (Starred Review!)

"Smiley's feisty heroine boosts the bottom line."
   —Entertainment Weekly

"Smiley delivers a lively, often amusing, well-plotted novel...rife with tension and suspense."
   —South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Great story plot and a suspenseful read. The surprise ending will shock you."

"Cleverly plotted...quirky characters...Readers will want more tales starring Tucker."
   —Midwest Book Review

"A unique and intelligent sleuth...The author makes great use of the L.A. setting."

"Smiley's deliciously funny one-liners come fast and furious. The plot is solid and the writing is great."
   —Kingston Observer

"...a lively debut."

"Smiley's prose is like butter, and she depicts her major and minor characters with a keen eye for the telling detail (a human resources manager's pageboy haircut is "black and heavy-handed and seemed better suited for someone with a pierced tongue") while the plot hums along like Tucker in her snazzy Porsche Boxster. These elements plus a rich melange of supporting characters make for an amusing and satisfying read."
   —Paula Woods, The Washington Post

"FALSE PROFITS has all three 'F's – it is fast, funny, and sure to find many fans. Patricia Smiley and Tucker Sinclair are off to a wonderful start."
   —Robert Crais, author of L.A. Requiem, The Last Detective, and Demolition Angel

"FALSE PROFITS is a crafty mystery debut by a genuinely talented new writer. She writes with a clear eye, and a humane sense of humor about the bright lights and lowbrows of the City of Angels. I hope we see more of Patricia Smiley in the not-too-distant future."
   —T. Jefferson Parker, author of Laguna Heat, Silent Joe, and California Girl

"Patricia Smiley and her heroine Tucker Sinclair are two of the brightest stars to light up detective fiction in a long time. The author's take on everything Angeleno is not to be missed. The reluctant sleuth's misadventures in the world of high-stakes business, fast-dealing entrepreneurs, and low-life odd balls are hilarious."
   —Elizabeth George, author of Deception on His Mind, A Traitor to Memory, and A Place of Hiding

"Full of colorful characters and with a fun and feisty heroine...FALSE PROFITS is a real treat."
   —Janet Evanovich, author of One for the Money, and Ten Big Ones